Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Cards

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday of the year. I am that crazy person who already has my Christmas decorations up. Yes, I'm serious, we did it this weekend. This year is especially exciting because it's Harper's "1st" Christmas. I was super excited to buy her a tree and lots of ornaments for her nursery. Now we are on the hunt for the perfect stocking. :)

Anyways, Christmas cards have always been a big deal to me and I usually send them out the day after Thanksgiving. Again, I am crazy like that. My good friend, Sarah, pointed out to me this year that everyone would have high expectation of my Christmas cards, since it's Harper's "1st" Chrismas. So now the pressure is on. I have to find the perfect card too. :)

I have always been a card person. In fact, my brother-in-law calls me the "card queen." I love getting photo cards. I think they are the best. We will definitley be doing a photo card, but I just can't decide on just one. Maybe I will do several and send different ones to different people. Check out these great cards from Shutterfly. I like the classic cards like this one and this one. Which one do you like better?

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